WebGL – 3D in your browser

Everybody loved the slides of Ang Cui's and Michael Costello's talk on "Hacking Cisco Phones" at 29C3. And so did I – at least their idea of drawing slides with Paper is awesome, let's not talk about their drawing skills. As I had to create slides for a talk at university, I picked up this I idea and mixed it with Prezi (this Flash-based presentation tool, making everybody seasick by zooming and panning your slides).

To create slides using Paper, you need to export the whole "notebook" from within Paper as a PDF-document. This PDF-file contains retina (2048x1536px) pixel graphics, even if a non-retina iPad was used. The graphics are saved with a transparent background, which is very nice for combining multiple drawings in Photoshop.

Thanks to my bachelor thesis I am still a bit into WebGL and so the presentation is about using 3D in the browser. Together with a fellow student of mine, I created the presentation and wrote the corresponding paper "3D Graphics in the Browser Using WebGL". The abstract of the paper reads as follows...

This paper presents a standard compliant way of displaying 3D graphics in browsers using the OpenGL-based technology WebGL. An introduction to modern web technologies is given, the functionality of WebGL is described and differences to OpenGL are pointed out. Furthermore, security concerns and WebGL support in browsers are analyzed. A basic knowledge of OpenGL and 3D rendering is required.

...but to be honest it's mainly a short version of my bachelor thesis.